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Dear fellow women* and siblings,

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on the March 8th 2018 more then 5 million women* took to the streets in the Spanish State; they stopped their waged labour and care work and blocked universities and schools – this strike managed to partially shutdown the country and got a lot of support and sympathy from the general public. Also women* in Argentina, the USA, Poland, Great Britain and several other places went on strike.

We believe that it is time to join this international movement with a nationwide strike in Germany on March 8th 2019 in order to put feminist topics back on the general agenda. It is not only our aim to strike against waged labour, but against all types of work which women* carry out – often invisibly and without compensation – as well as against the general state of our society which so often puts women* in unsafe and violent situations.

Our strike is not about a single day only, but about a common process of networking, debating, developing and testing new forms of strike.

What is already going on?

Currently, working groups are forming themselves in several cities and regions, which are organizing the basic infrastructure. However, the women*‘s strike on March 8th shall be decentralized. We aim to find ways and offer mutual support for women* to participate in the strike, independent of whether they are living in big cities or small towns and whether they are members of existing or newly founded groups or not.

I want to join! What can I do?

• Talk to people around you about the idea of a women*‘s strike. Maybe you can found a new local working group together. Please contact us if you need support!

• Let us know where you live, maybe we can already connect you to a local network or other interested women*. We can also put you on a mailing list that regularly provides information about the women*’s strike. You can also find material and information about the participation on the website.

• Invite us for internal exchange or public events!

• Distribute this invitation!

For these and all other issues, questions, doubts and ideas please contact us via:

Further information: I Facebook: I Instagram: feministischer_streik_berlin I Twitter: @femstreik