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Dear fellow women*,

in 2018, people were demonstrating for women*s rights in more than 20 cities throughout Germany. Participation in the annual demonstrations was more than in decades.
However, we’ve also noticed what happened in Spain on 8 March 2018. What we saw there was both impressive and inspiring. More than 5 million people went on the streets, stopped their wagework and care work and blocked universities and schools – this feminist strike managed to partially shutdown the country and got a lot of support and sympathy from the general public. Besides Spain, also women* in Argentina, the USA, Poland and several other countries declared a strike.
We believe that it is as well necessary and possible to join the international movement with a nationwide strike in Germany on 8 March 2019 and to put feminist topics on the general agenda. It is not only our aim to strike against wagework, but against all types of work which women* carry out – so often invisibly and without compensation – as well as against the general state of our society which so often puts women* in unsafe and violent situations.
Our strike is not about a single day only, but about a common process of networking, debating, developing and testing new forms of strike outside of wagework – we already have 8 March 2020 in mind as well.

More information on the background

What is already going on?

Currently, working groups are formed in several cities and regions (so far Berlin, NRW, Leipzig, Freiburg), which are organizing the basic infrastructure. This means e.g. to organize meetings and events, set up the website, develop the design, draft the call for action and material, take care of public relations and establish the contact to further groups and women*. However, the feminist strike on 8 March shall be decentralized. We aim to find ways and offer mutual support for women* to participate in the strike, independent of whether they are living in big cities or small towns and whether they are members of existing or newly founded groups or not. You can have a look at how the women* in Spain did it here [in German and Spanish]
On 10.-11. November we’re planning to have a nationwide meeting in Göttingen.

I want to join! What can I do?

  • Let us know where you live, maybe we can already connect you to a local network or other interested women*. We can include you in our mailing list, via which we’re planning to send regular newsletters soon. There we will also collect more material and suggestions for participation in the strike
  • Talk to your friends, acquaintances and colleagues about the idea of a feminist strike. Maybe you can found a new local working group together (if so, let us know).
  • Invite us for internal discussions or public events. We will then try to have someone from us join.
  • The journalists in Spain had started a separate call about their situation and demands in their field. You can have a look at it here.
  • Discuss with your colleagues about setting up a call for your own field of work. (We’re happy to publish it on the website then.)
  • Distribute this invitation – we want to become more, everywhere in Germany!

Contact us

For these and all other issues, questions, doubts and ideas please contact us via:
(Men* are welcome to contact us as well – there will be a lot of things to be done regarding providing for food, taking care of children, translations and putting up posters)
With solidarity and best wishes,
the coordination group of the women*s strike Berlin