The first nationwide assembly for a women’s strike in Germany has decided:

Call for a strike!

„When we stop working, the world stands still.“

March 8 is International Women’s Day. We have been striking, arguing and fighting for our rights and against oppression for over 100 years. A movement of striking women* and queers is spreading across the world, from Poland to Argentina, from New York to Hong Kong, from Spain to Nigeria to Australia. We, too, have reason to strike and we say: Enough is enough! Let’s strike together on March 8!

We are constantly discriminated against, oppressed and exploited. We are belittled and made to feel small every day with hurtful jokes, comments, assaults and physical violence. Our work is undervalued and women in Germany still earn on average 22% less than men. Not only that, at home we take on countless hours of educational, household and care work. Some of us also do this poorly paid in the homes of others. We often provide emotional support for family, friends, partners and colleagues. In old age we barely make ends meet with our pension, if at all. As different as we are, we are all workers* because we have to work – whether we work with a pen, a wrench, a computer or a broom in our hands, whether we get a salary for it or not. We are expected to do this work unnoticed, without complaint and quite naturally with a smile. We will not put up with this any longer! We strike!

We want to strike,

… because we want to live in a world where every job is valued.

… because we will no longer be exploited, neither at home nor in waged labour.

… because our time belongs to us and we want to determine ourselves when and how we work.

… because we demand the end of the care crisis and of the lack of free childcare, the upgrading of midwifery and cleaning work.

… because we will no longer let poorly paid jobs be continuously passed on to women and queers* in insecure and illegalised conditions.

… because we want to control our own bodies and if and when we become pregnant, or when we end an unwanted pregnancy.

… because we neither want nor need a rigid division into women and men, but rather recognition and gender justice for trans-men, women, non-binary and inter-persons.

… because we want to decide for ourselves who we love and if, when and with whom we have sex.

… because we do not want any of us to be devalued or criminalized because they take money for sex.

… because we will no longer be told what or who we find beautiful, how we should look or dress.

… because we want to live in a society that doesn’t disable people and restrict their everyday life. because we do not tolerate how women and queers* are sexually assaulted and murdered.

… because we want to make clear that violence does not start with blows but with verbal injuries, paternalism of any kind or isolation from the outside world.

… because we do not need the protection of men, we demand an end to violence. Every attack on a woman is an attack on all of us!

… because we do not accept how wars displace and kill hundreds of people every day, especially in the Global South. The German government, the Bundeswehr and the German economy are all involved, especially with arms exports.

… because we do not accept that people drown in the Mediterranean and that those who make it to Germany are disenfranchised, marginalised and attacked.

… because we are campaigning against camps, deportations and harassment by the authorities.

… because we all have the same right to health care, education and housing.

… because we no longer stand by when nature is destroyed worldwide in such a way that it endangers all our lives. German companies are responsible for the exploitation of natural resources in many parts of the world. The Women* Strike is also a strike for the preservation of the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources for all!

… because we oppose right-wing politics and the rise of right-wing parties and movements.

… because we defend ourselves against laws that make us unequal, separate and criminalize us.

… because we no longer allow ourselves to be divided into women* and queers with or without German passports, migrants* and Germans, and to be played off against each other.

On 8 March, we strike against unworthy conditions by

.. not going to work.

… not doing housework.

… not taking care of others and not thinking along for everyone.

… not going to school or university.

… gathering together, exchanging ideas and making plans for our future.

… standing in solidarity with everyone on strike.

We will support each other so that we can all take part in this global strike. Our actions are manifold! Talk to your colleagues, friends, neighbours, mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters! Become active together! Organize, get to know each other, listen to each other! Let’s set up strike committees everywhere! This is the beginning of a growing movement!

We are

… many very different women and queers* from different contexts. We have different social and cultural experiences. We have diverse bodies, skills and life stories. Some of us have lived here for a long time, some of us have recently arrived. Some of us go to school or are in education, some of us are affected by Hartz IV, some of us receive social benefits or pensions, some of us receive nothing at all and many work in different professions. What unites us is the power to lay down our paid and unpaid work!

Together with women* and Queers all over the world: We strike!

Join us!



*………an explanation follows soon.